Thursday, March 20, 2008


although i received a lot of education and training as far as "fine art" goes (i hold a bfa, a b.ed in art eduction, and an mfa in painting) , as far as "craft" goes, i'm basically self taught. my mother taught me how to knit and sew when i was 6. my aunt nellie taught me how to use a sewing machine the summer i was 11. i picked up a rug hooking kit at a craft fair about 6 years ago and followed the instructions that were included. because of this, i tend to do things differently than the "professionals". i don't use a frame when i hook (i didn't know i was supposed to), and i don't know any other rug hooked who doesn't. because of this, rug hooking for me is very portable. even the largest mats can me carted around. i hook on my lap.

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