Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the opening

we got back to corner brook yesterday afternoon. it's a long drive to and from st. john's (8 hours) but the roads were surprisingly good for this time of year (we missed the big storm). so i'm exhausted. work leading up to the show. the long ordeal with skipper. the travel. i slept last night more deeply than i can remember in a long, long time.

exhibition openings aren't easy for me. i'm fairly solitary. i have good good friends but don't like being in crowds (which to me is anything more than 5). i avoid parties . i like meaningful conversations but not chit-chat. i'd have no trouble sitting down one-on-one with every person who came to the show and have a good talk. it's just all of them all together.
it was a large turnout on a stormy day. the gallery looked stunning and spring-like. deb and ray's work is wonderful and in high demand. their sales were good. mine weren't (2 small mats sold), but from experience i know all the work will eventually sell.
so i've tidied up and just written my artist statement for my next show at the end of may. and now i'll make a cup of tea and spin some of my new roving (pink with gold glitter!).

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