Friday, March 21, 2008

secret spring

my favourite childhood story was frances burnett's the secret garden. i loved the mystery of a secret private place. the idea of digging down and discovering new growth, new life.
growing up as first generation canadians (my mother was from scotland) in toronto in the 1950's, with virtually no canadian children's books, we children grew up with british notions of the seasons. it didn't really matter that we lived in canada and canada was different. in our minds, early spring came in february.march meant crocuses and easter meant tulips and daffodils.
i've had to rethink spring again since moving to newfoundland in 1975. easter meant maybe, if the winter hadn't been severe (as it has been this year), that there would be pussy willows in a jar to hang the painted easter eggs on.
spring comes very slowly and quietly to newfoundland. there are signs, but they are subtle. the new call of the blue jay (it's mating call). the break up of the ice in the bay. the strength of the sun. it's actually a season i've learned to love here because it is quiet. and slow.


bluebird of paradise said...

i too loved The Secret Garden. whenever i am asked to list my favourite books that will top the list. it was utterly enchanting.
hope you are feeling better. we were in dark cove yesterday. An Easter Egg hunt. it was lovely...

bluebird of paradise said...

i too love the secret garden. it is my all time favourite book.
we were in dark cove yesterday. a wonderful easter egg hunt.hope you are better.