Sunday, December 2, 2007


keith's father don is 77 years old and full of joie de vivre. every year in june, as a clown, he leads the spca dog walk through the park, and in december he takes part in corner brook's santa claus parade. he works and reworks his costume each year but the only thing that stays the same are the 3 legs (all the children know the 3-legged clown). this year we tracked down (on ebay) new shoes and a mask for him from england and he added an extra arm. during the parade he spends so much time talking and clowning with the children that often santa passes him by and he ends up being the last in the parade. he hopes to continue into his 80's. two years ago he was suffering from chronic jaw pain (he had been climbing rocks at our cabin trying to take a photo of our dogs, slipped and fell on his face). he wasn't in the parade that year and talked of giving away his costumes. corner brook is happy to have him back. this year (as usual) he won best clown in the parade...


bluebird of paradise said...

i love the new look on your blog. we loved the santa parade and maida was very taken with Dib the three legged clown

honeybunch said...

god bless! what a dear thing for your father-in-law to do. helping sort out your yarn is pretty cute too!