Saturday, December 22, 2007

my calico scarf

flora is 11. we took her in as a semi-wild kitten and she's stayed that way. when the weather is warm she's outside every day but in the winter she choses the warmth of the house. she's not a cat to be petted and will sit on your lap only when she wants. sometimes it's still like she's seeing you for the first time. but during these short dark days she follows me around as i work and i spend alot of time just marvelling at her beauty. she's a calico cat with perfectly proportioned shapes of white, orange, black. the other day i started knitting this scarf - playing with some of the wonderful yarn i'd picked up over the autumn. flora was sitting beside the yarn i had chosen and i realized that they were flora's colours - including the green (like her eyes). sometimes you look for inspiration. sometimes it's just there. i'll be putting this scarf up for sale on my etsy shop after the holidays.

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Brenda Stratton said...

I love the scarf on the snow. Makes for a lovely backdrop.