Wednesday, December 19, 2007

keith's gift

keith doesn't understand why we don't own any of my mats. i've explained that we can't afford one. although the materials cost next to nothing (burlap and recycled tshirts) they are so labour intensive to make that i can't afford the time or money to make one for ourselves. many have left the house that he's said "can't we keep it?" well, this year i am making him one for christmas. his favourite have always been the codfish. i've made many of them - they sell well locally and to tourists. i've done them in many colours. they're 13"x22" and sell for $350.00. now we'll have one of our own.

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Robyn said...

Not sure what to be most impressed about...your incredible work ethic, your generousity to Keith, or the fact that you are starting a mat on the 19th for Xmas!

And do I see some of that gorgeous golden nylon in there...???