Monday, December 24, 2007

this christmas

this is such a different christmas for me this year. the first year that neither child will be home. no preparation needed except for keith and i . it's like when you're young and first leave home and don't quite know how to do christmas for yourself. i like the calm. i like not being caught up in the over indulgence . i like choosing just how much i want to do. but i'm also missing the excitement. and i'm desperately missing the children and grandchildren. so this year it's good to focus on the small details. the essence of what i love about christmas. and try to remember that next year. merry christmas to all of you.

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bluebird of paradise said...

Merry Christmas Shawn. We are enjoying a quiet Christmas Eve. I did a little last minute shopping , then the boys and I went to a Greek restaurant for lunch. Now a walk in the woods, then supper , wrap it up and head for bed to wait for the big guy in the sky.
It's so wonderful to be here and we are going to have a wonerful, grateful christmas!
hope you do too...........
missing you.
thanks for the beautiful calander. i opened it before i left.