Saturday, August 20, 2011

the writers

third week in august and it's the woody point writers festival time. i decided not to take part in the craft exhibition/sale this year (really making hard decisions about where my energy goes these days) but made it up to woody point yesterday to take it in (and bought this lovely painted canvas blueberry floor mat for the cabin from colette urban

the main reason for going up to woody point though was to get together

with our little book club at tess's where we manged to snag joel hynes to come and meet with us, read his manifesto and talk to us about his new book "straight razor days".
joel is friends with most of our children so he kindly agreed to come for the mothers and we had a hilarious and moving evening. thanks joel.

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Niki said...

Thanks Shawn. I bought the Manifesto in Woody Point. I love Joel's's so much better to hear him read it! I'm sure it was fun to hang out with him to discuss his work