Friday, August 19, 2011

and always. the sound of the waves

i lay awake last night missing the sound of the waves.
i'd just returned from 3 days at the cabin. barb and i went down to dark cove on tuesday. barb has a cabin at the other end of the beach. just us and our dogs and enough food. (and books and our fibre work).

we had every kind of weather. heavy rain the first night and strong winds and vancouver island-like mist and fog and yesterday afternoon glorious hot sun.

i slept in the loft with all the windows open and the waves washing over me.

i ate well. on the 2nd day robyn and her daughter lucy came down for a visit. barb and lucy went for a swim in rattling brook and robyn and i sat and worked and chatted.

i brought down batts and spun them up on my new wheel. then yesterday soaked the skeins and rinsed them in the brook

and hung them out to dry.

and in the afternoon (because there is always maintenance to do at a cabin) i started painting the deck. reminding myself to look up often and see where i was...


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