Friday, August 12, 2011

grown right here

last night i got my lovely weekly veggie basket from kim and sean. each week it's a surprise to see what has ripened and been included. this week it's the first tomatoes and green onions and a supper size cucumber and bok choi.
all week i've also been eating from the garden. each meal i tally what i've grown. a salad that includes lettuce and tomato and cucumber and garlic scapes. a pasta dish with a sauce of my own zuchinni and basil and parsley. and garlic scapes. if i can live 2-3 months of the year eating fresh produce. grown locally. i feel it helps.

this past week i also started reading barbara kingsolver's "animal, vegetable, miracle about moving her family from arid arizona to lush virginia and attempting to live off of only locally grown food for a year. and just paying attention to where their food comes from and what that means.
to live off the land in newfoundland (especially as a vegetarian) means a very limited diet. but it would be a very carefully planned and thoughtful one.

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