Wednesday, August 31, 2011

in full swing

yesterday i:
*did a load of laundry
*picked goldenrod in the back meadow and dyed some fleece in it (some with alum and some with iron for different shades of yellow).
*cooked up 3 batches of acid dye
*sorted through some images and put them on a disc to include with my arts council application.
*booked accommodation in wolfville for my mid-sept trip to the fibre, fabric and natural dyes forum outside of wolfville, nova scotia in mid-september.
*re-worked my cv for the arts application and started writing my project proposal.
* finished up an order for halifax and boxed it up to mail today.

*after dinner went up to 3 bear mountain and picked more goldenrod and knapweed to dry and take to jackson's arm with me mid-october to the dyeing and spinning workshop. then picked 2 cups of blueberries.
* had an hour-long bath reading still alice by lisa genova.
summer disappeared with the hurricane and now i'm full swing in autumn mode...

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Taos Sunflower said...

Shawn: I would love to follow you around for a day and see how you accomplish so much. It sounds like a lovely day, BTW. I can't believe it.. I just got "Still Alice" on audio disc from the library two days ago. Have you read "Left Neglected"? I just finished it and really loved her writing style, looking forward to starting "Alice" today. Small world!