Monday, June 15, 2009

what's on the bar-b?

because keith and i don't eat meat, we've never owned a barbeque. it never seemed to make sense to invest in a big barbeque to roast up a few veggies. but recently my daughter bought a portable little propane barbeque (president's choice brand for $49.00) for the family to take to the beach. so keith and i got one for our "13th anniversary together" gift last week and, after the rain finally stopped this weekend, set it up and tried it out! i love it. last night was veggie burgers and corn on the cob and asparagus. today i'll pick up some skewers and tonight we'll have tofu kabobs. i love that it keeps me outside to cook. i love the summer-time feel.


Marshall Arts said...

what a snazzy little bbq! Damien and I have a little one too, not nearly as stylish as yours, and we love does makes summer feel like summer!

idyll hands said...

LOVE grilling - veggies, fruit, whatever, if I can grill it, I will.

Try out peaches - they are delicious grilled up!