Friday, June 19, 2009

those hot summer nights

newfoundland rarely gets hot. and it's never too warm at night to sleep. i grew up in toronto in the '50's and i remember my sisters and i dragging our mattresses out onto the back lawn and sleeping under the stars to escape the heat of the house. and as a young adult in the late '60's, living in toronto with my boyfriend/soon to be husband, we'd walk the streets of the city at night and end up in a park seeking a spot that felt cooler than our above the store apartment. if the heat of those nights had colour, it would be the colour of this yarn.


Lori White said...

I LOVE cities but I try hard to avoid them in the summer for all the sweltering reasons you recall. Your yarn reminds me of all the best parts of an urban summer without the heat! Beautiful.

Shammickite said...

We haven't had any of those hot sticky nights here in the TO area yet.... in fact it's been cool and rather damp.