Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 bags full

on tuesday robynand i drove up to daniel's harbour to pick up 20 lbs of washed uncarded newfoundland heritage wool (read robyn's blog entry for a complete description of the day). we've been searching for a source of newfoundland wool for the past year. at one time there were alot of sheep on the island. every isolated community depended on sheep for both wool and meat. now there are few sheep and they are almost only kept for meat. the fleece is just discarded. so it was wonderful to connect with kay henson. she was willing to wash the fleece (a labourious process). yesterday i dyed some and spun some (because it isn't super soft, i've carded it in with bfl, bamboo and mohair). i also dyed up some with marigold and a little green kool-aid. i've been spinning for a year now, and finally being able to use newfoundland wool, somehow makes me feel that the process is complete...

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