Saturday, June 27, 2009

what nanas do

i had one full day in st. john's with the grandchildren. soo...
1. walked eamon to school in the rain on his last day of primary school
2. hat shopping at posie row with lucy to find me the perfect sunhat - wide brim, tight enough to stay on my head without a "tilley tie", and stylish.
3. held almost 6 month old finn in my arms as he slept for over an hour and got to just touch him and stare at him.
4. moo-moo's ice-cream after school to celebrate the beginning of summer holidays.
5. chapter's for books for myself and the children
6. lester farms to see the baby animals that have been born this spring - the lambs and rabbits and a couple of baby emus. the children each got a sunflower plant of a different species - eamon chose "ring of fire", lucy chose "gold" and they chose "baby bear" for finn. when we got home we planted them in the front garden that gets the most sun.
7. lots of stories, hugs and kisses.
(and i'll be seeing them all again in a month's time when they come to corner brook for their summer visit...)


Alpaca Granny said...

Our grandparenting days are too precious.

bluebird of paradise said...

sounds like you crammed a month of grandmothering in one day!