Sunday, June 7, 2009

another check on my list

i keep a running mental list of things i want of this community where i have chosen to live almost all my adult life. one of these has been a farmer's market (i spent my last years in toronto in my early 20's shopping at the kensington market - a 5 minute bike ride from where i lived). yesterday's first ever farmer's market in the centre of town was everything i hoped it would be. a sunny warm day. wonderful music. colours and smells and smiles. good sales (i sold lots of my scarflettes). starting july 11th (when the produce here comes on full-force) it will be held every saturday until october. a few of the members of our craft collective will take turns each week looking after the booth and selling each other's work.


idyll hands said...

How wonderful to be on the start up end of the farmer's market. We have a great one locally that I've been accepted to sell my yarn and wool at. I'm very excited - my grandparents sold their woodwork, veggies and honey at this show so I feel like I'm keeping that tradition alive in my family. It just skipped a generation :)

Marshall Arts said...

Looks like so much fun!! I wish I could have been there on Saturday - so happy Corner Brook is going to have a regular farmer's market, it makes every town/city feel good ;)