Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a quick sale

the green yarn that was drying on my line in yesterday's blog sold 2 hours after i listed it on etsy - it's now on it's way to fayetteville, arkansas (along with another skein). it was inspired by the "old man's beard" moss that drips from the trees around tipples pond. now - if only all sales happened so quickly!


CrowNology said...

Congrats on your quick sale! I think "we" used to call that stuff witches hair when I was growing up in Labrador...It could make quite an eye catching wig.
Thank you for your comment on the photos of the dress. I froze my fingers off!!

bluebird of paradise said...

Hi Shawn
I've also heard it called "moa doa" I don't know how to spell it but is sounds like "ma-ow, dow-ow"