Friday, March 13, 2009

our story

newfoundland is an island in the north atlantic. it belongs to the sea. and the history of newfoundland is it's dependence on the sea - first the fish, and now the off-shore oil. and in this history are stories of disastor at sea. every family, every newfoundlander has been personally affected by drowning. yesterday a helicopter carrying 18 people on their way to an offshore rig went down shortly after leaving st. john's. 1 man survivied, 1body was recovered and today the search continues. the province is holding their breath but with the knowledge that there is no hope left. my daughter lives in st. john's. yesterday she took the children to signal hill and they looked out to sea (they live downtown so they often go there to look for boats coming in and out). she wants this to be their story too. she wants them to remember.

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