Wednesday, March 18, 2009

from new mexico to new foundland

yesterday my fleece arrived from martie in new mexico. martie's shop is taossunflowertoo. we've been "online" friends for about a year now. a few months ago we decided to do a big trade - 2 of my handknit shawls for the equivalent value in roving. and here it is! as warm and sunny and inspiring as i'd hoped. just when i need inspiration - with still too much snow outside and still too cold and with a big order of yarn to spin. all set now (as she rubs her hands together). i immediately spun up "spring grass" - martie's fleece and mohair fibre locks combined with a little white merino, some snippets of cut up novelty yarn and some luscious soysilk.


Shammickite said...

lovely colours, just what you need in the dull grey days of March.

knix said...

great photos Shawn.
Niki xo