Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pink and gold

monday evening our little bookclub met at marilee's. her home is on the heights and this is the view from her back deck. our book this time was bruce johnson's novel "firmament" - a poetic, evocative, dreamlike exploration of an newfoundland outport community.
we take turns choosing our books and hosting a meal based on the book. marilee's offerings were golden - her table, her jiggs dinner (a traditional newfoundland dish with salt beef and veggies. marilee made me a seperate vegetarian version with chick peas and it was deliscious. and... the cabbage and potatoes were from our own little community garden plot!), her peas pudding and her lemon squares. a joyously colourful evening with good friends.

our next book is patrick suskind's "perfume".


Robyn said...

possibly the most wonderful group of women I have the great fortune to know! XOX

bluebird of paradise said...

It was such a nice evening. Old friends are like a beautiful aged wine....