Tuesday, September 20, 2011

down on the farm. our last day

friday was the last day of the forum and we had the pleasure of listening to tom chappell (formally of toms of maine toothpaste - which he recently sold to colgate) who is now passionately involved in creating "next to the skin" comfortable clothing "made in america" with naturally dyed american wool.

we spent the rest of the morning discussing "where to go from here?" and a committee was formed ( including brenda) to meet in a few weeks and move this project forward. for now, i'll be following along with emails.
we had planned on driving into halifax for the afternoon (our flight was a late evening one) but couldn't stand the thought of leaving the valley.

our first stop out of wolfville was coldbrook's "frenchy's" (said to be the best in the area) and i picked up a beautiful autumn orange cashmere pullover for $3.00.
we picked up some local apples to bring home.

oh, i weep at the beauty of the produce...
and then drove along secondary roads to hall's harbour on the bay of fundy for a little taste of home.
we flew home that night with tropical storm force winds at our backs. scared, but happy.


steffani f. said...

I love that valley. remember fondly picking lots of different types of apples and fruit.

Kristin Nicholas said...

What an awesome few days. Would love to do something like this. Some day maybe.