Sunday, September 18, 2011

down on the farm day 2

our fibre, fabric and natural dye forum didn't start until 1:00 pm on wednesday. so we took the morning to drive around the valley. our first stop was gaspereau valley fibres to drop off an order of knitting kits and soak up the beauty of the place (and buy some yarn and fleece...)

there was a spinning group meeting while we were there, but brenda (gilmour) and manda were able to spare time to chat about yarn and fibre and sheep with us. brenda gilmour attented the forum too so we were able to spend more time together.
we needed to grab a quick lunch so went to nearby luckett vineyard (pete luckett of pete's fruitique fame) and sat outside enjoying a deliscious salad and cheese plate.

the forum was held at taproot farms (an organic farm just outside of port william in the annapolis valley. the purpose of the forum was to begin a discussion about the feasability of creating (re-creating) a sustainable, environmentally friendly textile industry in the atlantic region. most of the focus of the forum was on nova scotia (the partners that got us together were the nova scotia dept. of agriculture, agripoint and the nova scotia school of art and design) and most of the discussion involved plant fibres (hemp and flax). but brenda and i (the only non-nova scotians (except for a woman from new brunswick) were able to apply almost all the was discussed to newfoundland (plant fibres = animal fibres). the sessions on the first day were held in a yurt.

it actually got too hot and moved inside for the next two days. our first presenter, sally erskine-doucette, talked about the properties, uses and history of hemp growing in the maritimes. followed by denise lambert, owner of bleu de lectoure - world renouned grower of woad (just think of that gorgeous grey/blue colour of southern france).

i need to grow woad
after each presentation we gathered in small groups to discuss how what we had just heard could be adapted to our situation.
before supper, we had a tour of the farm (i was in heaven...)

we all met for dinner. farmers and artisans and educators and entrepeneurs. everyone coming together from different backgrounds but sharing common values and goals.


Taos Sunflower said...

What an amazing day, Shawn. I love how Canada cares about these things and helps her artists (and that there are so many of you working the problem). (We're too busy supporting wars and other countries to even care if our people have medical help or a good education.)

I sometimes fantasize about running away and become a Canadian. If only...

Lauren said...

I received some of your lovely wool from a friend, and followed the link to your website on the tag. As a proud Valley and Port Williams native, I was so excited to see how you managed to fit in all of the best places!