Monday, September 12, 2011

and exhale

late yesterday afternoon i finished up my big order (or the bulk of it) which will be sent off to cricket cove yarn in new brunswick today. there was a rush because donna will be taking my work to kniteast at the end of the month.

for the past 10 days (aside from the essential dogwalk (and yesterday it included brenda's blackie too)) i've done little else but dye and spin and paint knitting needles. this morning i'll get it all packaged up to send off. and this afternoon i'll clean house and peek at the garden. and tomorrow i'm off to the "fibre, fabric and natural dyes forum" that will be held at taproot farms in port williams, nova scotia. (yay - autumn in the valley!)

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farmlass said...

Catching up on all of your wanderings...good to see Brenda and Blackie too!! I truly love your side of the country. Hopefully I will get a guided tour of all of these wonderful places one day when I visit.Cheers!