Saturday, September 10, 2011

got wheels

yesterday keith picked up his new motorcycle. it's a refurbished 1976 kawasaki. he hasn't owned a bike for 25 years, hadn't ridden one for 15 years.
i got my driver's license (car) over 30 years ago but never drove. no access to a car and then too nervous to drive. but i always kept my license renewed just in case. knowing that keith would be getting his bike. that the jeep would just be sitting there. that the only way we could both be down at the cabin - with abigail and all our gear - and keith being able to take rides from the cabin - i realized that i needed to be driving. so this summer, after the grandchildren went home, i started practicing. and yesterday i drove keith up to pick up his bike and drove home alone (keith in front of me). i described the scene to my daughter and she said it was a if we both had just had our training wheels removed.


bluebird of paradise said...

happy trails!

Gina said...

That sounds very brave!

Shammickite said...

I love that story! Good on yer, Shawn!