Tuesday, May 24, 2011

side tracked

well, on my birthday, i got side tracked.
we loaded up the jeep with flats of veggies - tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and zucchinis (they'll all stay in the greenhouse for another few weeks) and hanging baskets of begonias and fuchsia and when i got home, all i wanted to do was spend the day in the garden. so we prepared a new raised bed and spread the compost and transplanted some of the new plants into bigger pots and then sat out in the beauty of the day - tiny lime green new leaves and colourful purple finches and yellow birds at the feeders. the pale blue sky as background. and for dinner pea soup and freshly baked bread and left over pistachio cake and an old scottish movie "i know where i'm going" on netflix. a perfect birthday.

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