Tuesday, January 11, 2011


some of the things in my life that i'm feeling particularly thankful for these days:
1. brian finished renovating the front hall yesterday and i couldn't be happier. the new ceramic floor, the freshly painted walls.(i'll be painting the door a dark orangey-red when the weather gets warmer). the shelf over the coats to hold baskets of hats and scarves and mitts, the shelf on the radiator for wet mitts and a bowl to hold keys. and the old lamp brought back to life. thank-you brian.
2. an evening spent with good friends. good food, good talk. thank-you friends (and virginia woolf)..
3. and flora (who last month was diagnosed with kidney failure) is thriving on her medication. a happy and contented cat. thank-you medicine.


Janet Davis said...

where did the framed pictures with the plugs come from? They're awesome!

island sweet said...

those were done by jan noetheden when he was a student here in the late '90's. i think he teaches at u. of winsor now. i love the statement they make in my front hall...