Monday, January 10, 2011

i'm older than mrs. dalloway

i haven't read virginia woolf since i was in my 20's. it was my turn to choose a book for our book club and i settled on "mrs. dalloway" - the ruminations of a middle aged london hostess as she plans a party to celebrate the end of world war 1. her expectations, her reminiscences are interwoven with descriptions of the city, old friends appear. strangers surface and fade away. i love this book. a jewel.
tonight i host our little dinner based on the book. i don't think virginia woolf cared much for eating. very few food references. bartlett pears, severed chicken floating in sauce (i'll have to make the vegan equivalent). and red carnations.
this is my "mrs. dalloway" yarn.


bluebird of paradise said...

the yarn is so perfect a metaphor for the book, how do you do this???

Newfoundland Fibre Artist said...

Love the Mrs. Dalloway yarn....PERFECT! I see the carnations and pears...