Tuesday, January 4, 2011

how's she goin?

i feel lighter already! yesterday we bought some new ceramic tiles for the front hall and our friend came over to size up the work (which may start today). you can see from the photo the state of the front hall - not the fresh welcoming feeling i want people to have when they enter the house... (it is sad though getting rid of something that's been in the house since it was built. i would have loved to have seen the floor when it was new over 50 years ago.)
one of my wonderful christmas gifts this year was this cookbook from my daughter. she's vegan now and annotated this book for me - notes on all the recipes she's tried- such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. last week i made the mushroom/walnut pate and the black bean soup and last night keith and i cooked up the chickpea cutlets - absolutely scrumptious. a good beginning to the year.

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abigail*ryan said...

I've had to give up dairy completely having recently (the last year or so) become totally lactose intolerant.

I'm not sure I could go full-on vegan, but that certainly looks like the book to help me do it! ;)