Saturday, January 15, 2011

the creative habit

i stopped painting over 10 years ago. partly because i didn't want the pressure of coming up with the next "big idea". i felt i had nothing more i wanted to paint. i wanted life to have less pressure. i wanted my creativity to flow more freely. and it does. to such an extent that i don't think much about creativity any more. i started teaching again a couple of weeks ago, and began reading twyla tharp's "the creative habit" partly to remember what it's like to be at the beginning of an artistic career. twyla is a new york choreographer. but everything she talks about can be related to any art form - music, writing, visual art. she assumes that we are all creative. this book is about pulling it out. and nurturing it through hard work. and habits.

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Barbara said...

Hi Shawn, This looks like a great resource to read. I understand the next big idea with painting ... it is a lot of pressure. You are blessed with a ton of creativity!
very best wishes,