Tuesday, March 23, 2010

seeing the good in the bad

last month newfoundland power cut a 15 foot swath of trees and bushes along the back of our properties. they own the land so there was nothing we could do. the effect was devastating. a month has passed. i still feel sick every time i look outside. but a few "positives" may come out of it. my neighbour harry thinks that his raspberry bushes will spread into my yard now that there is more light. i'm closely watching the area where the 50 year old lilac was cut down - hoping that maybe new growth will begin. and now there is a clear path from our backyard (that's our tarp covered greenhouse in the second photo) to 3 bear mountain - one of our favourite trails to walk (off leash if no-one else is around) and a lovely view out the bay where we can wave down to keith in the shipping department if he's working. trying to make the best of it...

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