Thursday, March 25, 2010

pomegranate soup

after reading "3 cups of tea", i've become enchanted by the middle east and have been looking for more books.
"pomegranate soup" by marsha mehran is a novel that combines some of my favourite things - irish countryside, food (which includes simple persian recipes) and more insight into middle eastern culture. the 3 young aminpour sisters flee iran after the fall of the shah and the rise of the ayatollah and finally settle in the sleepy west coast village of ballinacroagh. the contrast to their old life couldn't be more stark: " For Majan Aminpour, the fragrances of cardamon and rosewater, alongside basmati, tarragon and summer savory, were everyday smells, as common, she imagined, as the aromas of instant coffee and dripping roasts were to conventional Western kitchen corners." mehran's description of smells and colours is at times breathtaking.
here is my "pomegrante soup" yarn.


Robyn said...

Love the yarn! I was selling your yarn yesterday in the living room....

Have you read Reading Lolita in Tehran? Highly recommend it, if not!

XOXOXO Hope you knock'em dead in Toronto!

Unknown said...

thank-you robyn! that's the book i'm taking with me to toronto!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the wonderful and amazing yarn !!