Saturday, February 20, 2010

library day

although the spring craft fair is looming. i've finished all my library books and have decided to take the morning off (it is saturday afterall) and go to the library. it's a beautiful 45 minute walk through town and along the corner brook stream trail. just sorry i can't take abigail (no dogs in the library...)
i'm absolutely in love with the audio books. as i knit or spin during the day, i get lost. i've just finished colmn toibin's "brooklyn" - the story of a young irish woman just after the war who gets sent by her family to the new world to get work. it's a quiet book reminding me of books i read when i was in my early teens - like "a tree grows in brooklyn" or "how green was my valley". unadorned description and events. and in the evening (mostly in the bath) i've been reading jessica grant's "come, thou tortoise". the heroine, audrey, is summoned home to st. john's, newfoundland from oregon because her father has been in an accident. the narrative shifts back and forth from her childhood to the present. i love her child's voice. it's one of those books that please me so much. brilliant writing.
since i last used the library (over 10 years ago) everything is automated. last night i went online and was able to see what books that i'm interested in are in our library, which ones will eventually need to be brought in from another branch. which are on audio. so i have a tentative plan.

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Taos Sunflower said...

Thank you for the book recommendations. I am still busily stacking books on NF in anticipation of a visit one day...