Monday, February 22, 2010

coronation street

last year i made a conscious effort to become addicted to coronation street. i had always known about it (my mother watched it for years). just hearing the theme song would make me feel warm and cosy. it took me awhile - i often would forget to watch. but as i figured things out and the characters became real and interesting to me, i became hooked. i love the grittiness of it (compared to american soaps). it comes on here in newfoundland at 7:00 - just after dinner. it marks the end of a day and beginning of an evening.
yesterday morning i decided to spin up a skein of "coronation street" yarn. red and rust brick, steely grey cobbles.

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Janet Davis said...

I love your naming of yarns- And I am a big Corrie fan too. I bought hair rollers to use while watching...