Friday, January 15, 2010

the juggler

the only full-time permanent job i ever had was as a junior high (grade 7-9) art teacher in the early 1980's. i lasted 1 year (disciplining excitable and hormonal pre-teens was not my strength). since then my work career has been irregular. university art teaching. barrista. animal shelter co-ordinator. in the past 10 years i've mainly been supporting myself on my art and craft. so i should be used to juggling my finances. but it doesn't seem to get easier. money gets spent before it's earned. when it's earned it's used to pay off the debts. there's never the comfort of getting ahead or feeling on top. the luxury of a pay-check. i don't regret the choices i've made - i love how i get to spend my days. it's just knowing that the financial part of it will never get easier...

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