Tuesday, October 20, 2009

did i mention how much i love my greenhouse?

this spring we had a little greenhouse built. it extended the growing season by weeks. it gave use deliscious tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers. it was a place for me to go and hang out when i needed a break from work.
every autumn we struggle with our big wooden lawn chairs to get them through a narrow door in our tiny shed. they fill the shed, which means nothing else in there is accessible all winter long. yesterday keith casually put them in the greenhouse for winter. later this week we'll cover the greenhouse with a big tarp to hopefully preserve the plastic for next year.
in the afternoon it snowed...


Robyn said...

you may have mentioned it before...but never as a way of storing chairs, so it felt new to me. : )

oooooh - look at that beautiful snow!!

bluebird of paradise said...

it looks like a little church in the woods..