Thursday, July 2, 2009

let's pretend

yesterday the plan was to go down to the cabin for an overnight stay. after lunch we packed up and went looking for flora the cat. we leave her indoors with plenty of food and fresh water and access to her litter box when we go to the cabin over-night. in the winter she's basically an indoor cat but when the weather is good she loves to be outside coming in only at night. yesterday was a hot day and she's spends days like that hanging out in the woods. as every cat owner knows - if the cat doesn't want to be found, she won't be. so we waited, and after about an hour we realized that the day was slipping by and we were on hold, so we decided to stay home (flora finally showed up around 6:00 pm). i was determined to take a holiday anyway (it being canada day), so did all the things i would have done at the cabin. i sat on the deck looking out over the garden and enjoyed the sound of the wind in the tree-tops. the colours of the garden. knit a little read a little. even dozed off - as i would on the cabin deck looking out at the ocean. we had a wonderful holiday.


Taos Sunflower said...

How peaceful. If only we'd remember to give ourselves some little snippets of time like that more refreshing for the soul.

MyMixMix said...

Congratulations for staying with the moment.