Friday, July 3, 2009

"i cannot live without my life! i cannot live without my soul!"

i've joined a book-club. we are very small - only 3 members. and slightly disorganized - we've only had two meetings so far because we wait until we've all finished reading the book. we take turns hosting a "book-related" dinner at one another's homes. our first book "pride and prejudice" called for an elegant evening. last night we discussed "wuthering heights" over vegetarian shepherd's pie. i love rereading these books. i wouldn't be doing it on my own. for me it's like opening up a box that shows me who i was when i first read them - as a teenager, as a university student and who i am now. our next book is a new one for 2 of us - paulo coelho's "the alchemist". the meeting will be at my home and i'm already thinking about the menu. (any "vegetarian" suggestions?) walking home from the meeting last night i took this photo. catherine and heathcliff were in my thoughts.

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foggiamle said...

How about polenta with fire roasted vegetables within? My mother has an excellent recipe that I know she'd share!