Tuesday, February 24, 2009

isn't this enough?

it's late february. the temperatures have warmed up but the snow continues to fall. yesterday we had one of the season's biggest storms. high winds that whipped up the snow that was on the ground, the snow that was falling. there is nowhere left to put the snow in town. i'm in charge of snow shovelling this year (because of keith's back injury he's still not able to shovel snow). i get wonderful help with the steps from harry next door and colin across the street has a snowblower, so digs out our parking spot. these photos show the snow on our back deck and in front of the house... enough already!


Robyn said...

Ok.....WOW! That's impressive!

Julie said...

Hi Shawn

I didn't think this storm was bad as it started at 12:30 and ended at 3:30. You should see my snow in Meadows!

Gallina said...

Holy mackerel, that's a ton of snow!