Saturday, September 6, 2008

to market, to market

before moving to newfoundland in 1975, i lived in toronto. downtown toronto and a 5 minute bike ride to kensington market where i would do my weeks' shopping for $10-15 - pile the groceries into my basket or for a big shopping into my bundle buggy. the market was international and exciting. and 20 years later - when i went back to university - i was within drivng distance of the waterloo mennonite market - and no matter how busy i was - i'd get to the market saturday morning. this time of year i miss a good market. we have a couple of local farmers who sell their produce here. but newfoundland is a rock so produce is spare - root crops, berries...

this scarf that i listed in my shop yesterday is called "green tomatoes". the shawl "persephone" is knit partly with my "berry picking "yarn. it's just been sent off to fog forest gallery in sackville for their fibre arts show in october.

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