Sunday, September 7, 2008

thumb sucking

sometimes i go looking for inspiration for my work. sometimes it comes after the fact.

i sucked my thumb until i was 9 (and just too embarrassed to continue...). when i sucked my thumb i needed to hold my shawl to my nose. when it got too warm, i'd rotate it to a cooler spot. i was wrapped in this shawl as a baby, but by the end my "shawl" was no bigger than a 6" dreadlock ball of fibre...

on friday i spun this yarn and part way through realized that i was spinning my childhood shawl. the exact same colours - deep maroon and grey and black. this is the most "disorganized" yarn i've spun - huge clumps of chopped up yarns, dripping fibre locks etc. i knit it into a scarflette that night and put it up on my etsy shop yesterday.

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DreamWoven said...

isnt it amazing how our 'history' makes us who we are and is such a big piece of what we do.... beautiful thumbsucking yarn!