Monday, September 22, 2008

letting go

it's crunch time again. christmas craft fairs and shop orders. more work than i can handle. so i made the decision this week to hand over the knitting of the scarves to keith's mum, florence. she's a wonderful knitter and helps me with the baby wear (hats, scarves, sweaters and booties). the scarves are now made from one skein of my handspun yarn. the decision making and creativity goes into the yarn as i card and spin it. the scarves are simple - an irregular pattern of garter an drop stitich. so it's easy for her to reproduce what i have been doing. i hate to let go of any stage but can't do it all. this weekend the weather was clear and cool. perfect drying weather so i spent my time dyeing and spinning. florence is a fast knitter so i have to have enough yarn to keep up with her!

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knix said...

Shawn I just love clicking on your images of the fiber, the photo appears full screen and of course the wool looks so yummy. Sweet work on your spinning!
Have a grateful day