Thursday, June 12, 2008

spinning heaven

last september i picked up some yarn at purlsoho in new york city. i fell in love. it was rough and nubbly, thick and thin, full of bits of texture and colour. "i need to know how to make this". and yesterday i did. robyn came over with her spinning wheel and some fleece and we sat side by side all morning and she taught me how to use my wheel. all afternoon i sat outside and spun. the colours of the yarn blurring with the colours of the garden. i was in spinning heaven...


knix said...

Totally awsome Shawn!! I look forward to spinning with you someday. It looks eatable!
See you sat.

Rita Booke said...

Shawn is a spinner now! Isn't that fantastic?!?!?! Didn't you just fall in love? There's no looking back now. Your yarn shows every bit of the same passion for color and texture that is in all your other art. I wish you the very best with spinning. Beth