Monday, June 23, 2008

in the garden

yesterday i didn't knit and i didn't spin. instead i spent the day in the garden. this time of year the garden is at it's best. iris, poppies, peonies. lush and large.

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Ex-Shammickite said...

Hi Shawn, just catching up on blogs as I've been away in UK for the past 3 weeks.... everything is so green and lucious there, gardens full of fragrant roses, hedgerows decorated with wild flowers, cornfields dotted with brilliant red wild poppies. I have come home to a garden overflowing with weeds due to all the rain that arrived here in Ontario while I was away.... and during my stay in England I didn't experience a single raindrop!!!
How are you getting on with the spinning wheel? I tried a friend's wheel, but I found it takes a lot of hand-eye-foot coordination, maybe I didn't try for long enough!