Sunday, June 15, 2008

into the fire

yesterday we spent a wonderful day at colette's "fulltilt creative centre" and organic farm in mccivers on the north shore of the bay of islands. worked, chatted, hung our exhibition "creative pause" and enjoyed a mostly salad potluck (including the first greens from colette's farm).

today i fly to nova scotia for a 5 day spinning workshop. a forest fire is raging just outside of halifax (right now 13 miles long and 3 miles wide and 4,000 people have been evacuated from their homes). leslie will pick me up at the airport and we'll skirt the fire to get to her place (she's separated from the fire by a body of water). i know (on many levels) that this will be a big experience...


bluebird of paradise said...

Have a great trip. I'll miss you (but not the gym)

skiingweaver said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea about the fire on PEI... I drove through Yellowstone in the midst of the huge fire there in 1988-ish (1989?) and it was awesome (in the true sense of the word). And then drove through again in 2003 and the change was incredible... They figured out in Yellowstone, at least, that forest fires are actually necessary for the ecosystem (certain pines don't re-seed without them, who knew!). Hope folks are ok on the island, though... Blah blah blah, useless trivia, lol.

*LOVE* your fiber art piece in this post, it's gorgeous.