Tuesday, June 3, 2008

backwards and forwards

15 years ago my (then young) children and i were part of a protest about a green space in the centre of downtown corner brook being turned into a condominium and parking lot. the project was stopped. for 15 years i've waked along the path in that space almost daily. yesterday keith and i joined a quiet and heartfelt "beautification" of the same space. it has been sold to tim horton's and a large drive-thru tim/wendy will be built there causing traffic confusion and car emmissions. because of the current city's ideas of "progress", it won't be stopped this time.

and moving forward - robyn and her children dropped by after the "planting" for dinner and helped me assemble the kiwi spinning wheel and give me a demonstration. pure bliss. today i have to stay away from it because i just got a wholesale order for 6 mailboxes (and a charity birdhouse...)

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