Friday, June 27, 2008

a blessing

my friend sally is moving. sally melville is well known across canada for her knitting books and for her teaching. she asked me if i'd be interested in some of her yarn stash. 4 boxes of the most exquisite yarn arrived yesterday. sally collects and receives samples of yarn from all over the world. mostly a skein of each - which isn't what most knitters are looking for. for me it's perfect. my scarves and shawls are made up of bits and pieces. now i have chinese cashmere, linen from habu, italian cotton... i can reach into a box and a whole scarf will be inspired by what i pull out. i feel blessed..


Ex-Shammickite said...

How gorgeous! Lucky you. I hope you post some pictures of your creations.

knix said...

Delightful Shawn, like a box of chocolates eh! Have fun and have a grateful day

Robyn said...

It must be a knitter's dream to have four boxes of amazing yarn to arrive on their doorstep! Sally knew that you would transform it all into beautiful things.

Enjoy it!!