Saturday, February 9, 2008

white white

in the early '80's i lived for a year in greece . my then husband had a sabbatical leave from his teaching. we settled on the cycladic island of naxos and while he wrote, i homeschooled my children and learned how to cook on an open fire and wash the clothes in a running stream. the architecture there is all white. in the winter you would emerge from the dark interior of the home (the houses were built to keep out the sun) to the blinding white of outdoors. i think of that now as i heave the snow from our steps into higher and higher piles.

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XUE said...

Hi Shawn! Me again from across the oceans. A long time ago, I lived nearer to you, not neighbours exactly but in NYC where we got married on Christmas Eve. It snowed that day which is quite unusual. Normally that only happens in a movie. My children wants to be ski instructors in winter & park rangers in summer & live in Whistler. Today was another celebration day for us so come by the blog for a peek! - xue