Sunday, February 10, 2008


keith hangs onto his clothes. because he works labour at the mill, he can wear them for years under his coveralls. his jersy shirts get so worn at the collar and cuffs that i tell him he looks like mozart in ruffles. so it was a surprise the other day when he came out of the bedroom with a pile of shirts wondering if i could use them! the green was exactly what i was looking for for my tulip mat. i love this recycling racket!


Alpaca Granny said...

You seem to be really productive lately..... Of course, everything is beautiful.

Ang @ Purple Sage Designz Hippie Crafting said...

Funny to see this pic and read the post, because I just did the same thing yesterday, cutting my DH's old t-shirts into strips for jersey yarn and I started a rug project, to add on every time I have another garment to cut up. Very time consuming, but I love recycling. Curious to to see your tulip mat later.