Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what gets ignored

when i'm working flat out (as i am this month getting ready for the devon house show) some things get ignored. it's a long list that includes almost everything but my work. housecleaning. keith. friends. meals. personal appearance. and abigail. she's always watching me. for the nod. time for a walk. for play. i look up from my work and there's a pile of toys she's brought for me - one after the other (is this the one you want?) without me noticing.


Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful and must be hard to resist. When you do give in I'll bet it's just the break you need:)


janet clare said...

Thanks for the visit- no idea I'd been on an Etsy treasury!

Love your hooked rugs, hope the show goes well.

How you can ignore that sweet face I do not know.

bluebird of paradise said...

tell abi the next sunny day we are on for a nice long walk!
your pal