Friday, February 8, 2008


it is so rare for us to have snow without wind, so it was such a treat to wake up and see the tress laden with snow. yesterday i saw a robin. this is 2 months earlier than normal for the 1st robin sighting. he was in my little burning bush tree eating berries. plumped up so much and so awkward in his movements that i couldn't be sure it was a robin till he flew away (they fly like waves...). did he get blown up north by strong winds or for some reason not fly south?


Amy Yang said...

I love fresh snow. I wish we would get some and then the bitter cold would be justified, lol :)

XUE said...

I love snow anytime even after experiencing winters & blizzards in New York. Now we live in Tokyo & it's snowing outside as I write. I promised our kids snow in the city, this year...& it did. If it had not, I would hv to throw confetti from the roof! My name "Xue" means "snow" in Chinese.